Wood Collections

The popularity of natural wooden flooring has been unprecedented in recent years. At Mark Roger Flooring we offer a top quality natural wood to be fitted throughout your property.

An aesthetic appeal: Natural wooden flooring looks simply fantastic and brings a rustic appeal to the home. Wow your guests and visitors alike with this incredible, natural material.

Maintenance is a breeze: Wooden flooring is easy to maintain and can be cleaned by vacuum or sweeping. An effort should be made to avoid moisture contact or products at risk of causing damage or scratches to the surface.

Environmentally friendly source: For those with an eco--‐friendly conscience, wooden flooring is ideal. This natural material is sustainable and rather than timber being cut down without consequence, twice as many trees are replanted to replenish what’s used in production.

Fantastic level of choice: Mark Roger Flooring offers an excellent range of natural wooden flooring and you’re not limited in the slightest. Choose from our extensive range and select flooring most suited to your property.

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